OL. GRAND ROUEN, Rouen, Saturday 29 July 2000match report   
LOUHANS-CUISEAUX, Stade de Bram, Saturday 5 August 2000match report   
ALES, Stade Marville, Saturday 12 August 2000match report   
NOISY-LE-SEC, Stade Allende, Saturday 19 August 2000match report   
GRENOBLE, Stade Marville, Saturday 26 August 2000match report   
REIMS, Stade Delaune, Friday 1 September 2000match report   
BESANCON, Stade Marville, Wednesday 6 September 2000match report   
LA ROCHE SUR YON, Stade Desgranges, Saturday 9 September 2000match report   
VALENCIENNES, Stade Marville, Saturday 16 September 2000match report   
ISTRES, Istres, Saturday 23 September 2000match report   
PACY-SUR-EURE, Stade Marville, Saturday 30 September 2000match report   
DIJON, Stade Municipal, Saturday 7 October 2000match report   
PAU, Stade Hameau, Wednesday 11 October 2000match report   
BREST, Stade Marville, Saturday 14 October 2000match report   
VALENCE, Stade Pompidou, Saturday 28 October 2000match report   
THOUARS, Stade Marville, Saturday 11 November 2000match report   
CLERMONT FOOT, Clermont, Saturday 18 November 2000match report   
GFCO AJACCIO, Stade Marville, Saturday 2 December 2000match report   
AMIENS, Stade de la Licorne, Saturday 9 December 2000match report   
RACING, Stade Marville, Friday 22 December 2000match report   
ALES, Stade Pierre Pibarot, Saturday 13 January 2001match report   
NOISY-LE-SEC, Stade Marville, Saturday 27 January 2001match report   
GRENOBLE, Stade des Diguières, Friday 2 February 2001match report   
REIMS, Stade Marville, Saturday 17 February 2001match report   
BESANCON, Stade Léo Lagrange, Friday 23 February 2001match report   
LA ROCHE SUR YON, Stade Marville, Saturday 3 March 2001match report   
VALENCIENNES, Stade Nungesser, Friday 9 March 2001match report   
ISTRES, Stade Marville, Saturday 17 March 2001match report   
DIJON, Stade Marville, Saturday 24 March 2001match report   
PAU, Stade Marville, Friday 30 March 2001match report   
PACY-SUR-EURE, Stade Pacy-Menilles, Tuesday 10 April 2001match report   
VALENCE, Stade Marville, Friday 13 April 2001match report   
THOUARS, Stade du Grand Bournais, Friday 20 April 2001match report   
CLERMONT FOOT, Stade Marville, Tuesday 24 April 2001match report   
GFCO AJACCIO, Stade Ange Casanova, Saturday 28 April 2001match report   
BREST, Stade Francis le Blé, Tuesday 1 May 2001match report   
AMIENS, Stade Marville, Friday 4 May 2001match report   
RACING, Stade Yves de Manoir, Friday 11 May 2001match report   
LOUHANS-CUISEAUX, Stade Marville, Friday 18 May 2001match report   
Coupe de France
AS POISSY, Stade Léo Legrange, Saturday 21 October 2000match report   
NOISY-LE-SEC, Stade Marville, Sunday 5 November 2000match report   
AMNEVILLE, Amnéville, Sunday 26 November 2000match report   
Coupe de la Ligue
LORIENT, Stade Marville, Wednesday 1 November 2000match report   
AJ AUXERRE, Stade Abbé Deschamps, Saturday 6 January 2001match report   

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