BEAUVAIS, Stade Bauer, Wednesday 28 July 2010match reportphotos  
UJ ALFORTVILLE, Stade Bauer, Saturday 31 July 2010match reportphotos  
METZ B, stade Haut de Blemont, Sunday 8 August 2010match report  presentation
LE HAVRE B, Stade Bauer, Saturday 14 August 2010match reportphotos presentation
MANTES, Stade Aimé BERGEAL, Saturday 21 August 2010match reportphotos presentation
QUEVILLY, Stade Bauer, Saturday 28 August 2010match reportphotos presentation
LENS B, Stade François Blin, Saturday 4 September 2010match reportphotos presentation
DRANCY, Stade Bauer, Saturday 11 September 2010match reportphotos presentation
POISSY, Stade Léo Lagrange, Saturday 18 September 2010match reportphotos presentation
AUBERVILLIERS, Stade Bauer, Saturday 25 September 2010match reportphotos presentation
NOISY-LE-SEC, Stade Salvador Allende, Saturday 9 October 2010match reportphotos presentation
AVION, Stade François Blin, Saturday 23 October 2010match reportphotos presentation
ENTENTE SSG, Stade Bauer, Saturday 6 November 2010match reportphotos presentation
MOISSY-CRAMAYEL, Stade Bauer, Saturday 27 November 2010match reportphotos presentation
COMPIEGNE, Stade Bauer, Saturday 8 January 2011match reportphotos presentation
BASTIA CA, Stade du Bastio, Saturday 15 January 2011match reportphotos presentation
LILLE B, Stade Bauer, Saturday 22 January 2011match reportphotos presentation
VILLEMOMBLE, Stade Bauer, Saturday 29 January 2011match reportphotos presentation
LE HAVRE B, Stade de la Cavée Verte, Sunday 6 February 2011match report  presentation
MANTES, Stade Bauer, Saturday 12 February 2011match reportphotos presentation
QUEVILLY, Stade Arnable Lozai, Saturday 19 February 2011match reportphotos presentation
LENS B, Stade Bauer, Saturday 26 February 2011match reportphotos presentation
DRANCY, Stade Charles Sage, Sunday 6 March 2011match reportphotos presentation
POISSY, Stade Bauer, Saturday 12 March 2011match reportphotos presentation
AUBERVILLIERS, Stade André Karman, Saturday 19 March 2011match reportphotos presentation
NOISY-LE-SEC, Stade Bauer, Saturday 26 March 2011match reportphotos presentation
AVION, Stade Bauer, Saturday 2 April 2011match reportphotos presentation
ENTENTE SSG, Stade Michel Hidalgo, Saturday 9 April 2011match reportphotos presentation
MOISSY-CRAMAYEL, Stade André Trémet, Saturday 23 April 2011match reportphotos presentation
COMPIEGNE, Stade Paul Cosyns, Saturday 30 April 2011match reportphotos presentation
LILLE B, Complexe sportif Stadium Nord, Sunday 8 May 2011match reportphotos presentation
BASTIA CA, Stade Bauer, Friday 13 May 2011match reportphotos presentation
VILLEMOMBLE, Stade Georges Pompidou, Saturday 21 May 2011match reportphotos presentation
METZ B, Stade Bauer, Saturday 28 May 2011match reportphotos presentation
Coupe de France
SAINT-PRIX, Stade Georges Glatigny, Sunday 3 October 2010match reportphotos  
ARARAT, Stade Jean Bouin, Sunday 17 October 2010match reportphotos  
TREMBLAY FC, Parc des Sports G. Prudhomme, Sunday 31 October 2010match reportphotos  
DOUAI, Stade Démeny, Sunday 21 November 2010match reportphotos  

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