RED STAR 0 IVRY : 2 (0-0)
Saturday 14th September 2002

Goals : Le Bozec (63 penalty), Belhadi (89)
Attendance : 100 - referee : M. Didier
Booked : Yessade (34), Créantor (52), N'Djikeu (42), Laghar (69)
Sent Off : Mouflard (63)

RED STAR : Bousseliou, Carles, Mouflard, Créantor, Santos, Delaneuville, Yessad (Gheribi 75), Hamdane, Doumbya, El Bakkouri (Fissirou 74), Dim Etong. Sub : Marques. Coach. M. Ousfane
IVRY : Boltz, Le Bozec, Laghar, Debert, Le Bars, Belhadi, N'Djikeu, Mendes, Barreau, Tabnaoui (Jouer 89), Christophe (Courteille 80). Sub : Dakad. Coach: J.P. Robin


This was dreadful - probably the worst performance by a Red Star side for a long time. The hundred or so die-hards who turned out for what hopefully will be the last game at Marville were treated to a poor spectacle. The fault can't really be placed at the feet of the players - most of them are playing at a level above that which they are used to, but after six games in the CFA 2 surely something must have started to work by now. Neither can the coach be blamed, although tactical naivity showed at times.
Red Stars' problems appear to lie in front of goal - apart from hopeful long-rang efforts from Delaneuville, the visitors' keeper never looked in danger, and spent most of the early evening as a spectator. Doumbya and Dim Etong were completely outclassed by a well-organised if not talented defence.
For once, Red Star held out to the break without conceding a goal, a first this season. The goal came later on in the seond half, as legs started to tire. Ivrys' Tabnaoui raced into the penalty area, and in a tangle of legs went down, referee pointing to the spot. Red Stars' defender Mouflard was dismissed, and Le Bozec beat Bousseliou with the spot kick (0-1).
Red Star pressed in search of an equaliser, but were easily contained by Ivry. Finally, the coup de grace came in the dying seconds, as Red Star were caught upfield, and a slick passing move left Belhadi on his own face to face with Red Stars' goalkeeper. No problem, 2-0 to the visitors.
So, Red Star leave Marville with a less than glorious defeat, after four years of suffering. However, a return to Bauer might not yet be the miracle cure - talk on the terraces was of the club going into liquidation in the next ten days. There is still a long way to go in the season, but things don't look to bright at the moment.

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