Saturday 19th October 2002

Attendance : 500 approx - referee : M. Varela assistants M. Eddaoui & M. Valsaque.
Goal : Lakrout (64)
Booked : Hamdane (43), Doumbya (79), Santos (90) - Lablack (37), Bordot (74) Assignamey (77)

RED STAR : Bousseliou, Sahridj (Fourneuf 84), Carles, Kor, Santos, Hamdane, Lakrout, Delaneuville, Sylla (Fissirou 45), J.E. Nemouthié, Doumbya. Sub: Marques. Coach: M. Ousfane
PARIS FC : Amzal, Boukit, Lacomat, Assignamey, Oulmoudlene, J.R. Nemouthié, Bénichou (Diawara 45), Bordot, Potier, Boussam, Lablack (Thomas 88). Sub: E. Karamoko. Coach: P. Lemaître


Finally Red Stars' kids delivered the goods to their long suffering fans - and to be totally honest it was a victory they truly deserved. Although it is far too early to say, perhaps the hard work put in by coach Ousfane is starting to pay off. Also, it has to be said that one or two of the youngsters are starting to get themselves noticed, starting to stand out a little - just what a winning side needs.
Red Star looked like they wanted this one more than their opponents did - roared on by the Bauer crowd, they applied themselves to the task, and, apart from a ten minute spell just before the pause, when it appeared as if they were ready for a break, they never looked in danger of being overwhelmed by Paris FC.
Whereas last week against Aubervilliers the attack looked a little out of sorts, with the chances coming from long-range shots or players been simply too greedy, going for glory when a judicious pass would have been a better option, this week the attack looked co-ordinated and more dangerous.
The decisive goal came as Nemouthié threaded a pass through the PFC defence to release Doumbya, clevery beating the offiside trap which had been effectively employed by PFC. Although the striker was beaten to the ball by the goalkeeper, and in all honesty the Red Star striker threw himself down looking for a penalty, as the ball broke loose Doumbya manged to stick out a leg and hook the ball back into the center of the penalty area. The ball managed to miss the head of the last defender by centimetres, but steaming in down the right hand side was LAKROUT and he volleyed the ball into the roof of the net to give Red Star the lead.
The celebrations were impressive, the Red Star support delirious but it was no more than they deserved for having been the better of the two sides. After that although PFC came into the game trying to salvage something, the home defence held strong, admirably led by Santos and the stylish Andersson Kor.
So Red Star progress through to the next round, a fine reward for their entreprising play. This was entertaining stuff, the kids are getting better and if they continue this form, then greater glories await them. Outstanding were defender Kor, and in Lakrout Red Star fans have someone who takes on defenders, and asks questions of them in the way that Guilhermo Mauricio, Fellahi et al did in times past. Every time Lakrout received the ball in a good position, one could feel that he could make somthing happen - in scoring hte decisive goal, he did just that. Also Nemouthié was excellent - shades of Ted Agasson there, and showed good creative spirit. On the negaitve side, however, some questions must be asked about the choice of free kick and corner taker - at times fans were frustrated by a poor delivery from Delaneuville. But patience, eventually he'll get it right. As will Red Star - a good win, let's enjoy it and use it as a stepping stone to greater things. The duck has been broked at Bauer - can they make it a fortress where other sides fear to enter ?

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