Sunday 2nd March 2003

Goals : Belhadi (49) - M'Boungou-Matondo (18)
Referee : M. Delacoste - Attendance 100
Booked : Ouedrago (38), Ramdani (50), Debert (56) - Fissirou (69), Lakrout (79)
Sent off : Debert (78)

IVRY : Boltz, N'Djikeu, Debert, Ouedrago, Le Bozec, Lachgar, Belhadi (Mendes 92), Courteille, Barrau, Ramdani (Christophe 62), Tabnaoui. Coach: J. P. Robin
RED STAR : Bousseliou (Delaneuville 12), Hammami, Sahridj, Yessad (Ribeiro 60), Kébé, Hamdane (cap.), Carles Kor, Lakrout, Fissirou (Marqués 89), M'Boungou-Matondo. Coach : M. Ousfane.


Once again, Red Stars' hard-pressed supporters were subjected to a theatrical blow at Ivry on Sunday. With only ten minutes on the clock, a high ball pumped into the Red Star penalty area was fielded by goalkeeper Karim Bousseliou, challenged by Ivry's Ouedrage. A sickening clash of heads, the sound of which could be heard all around the ground, and both players lay prone on the ground. The Ivry man got up, eventually, but the reactions of the players surrounding the Red Star man indicated that something was not right. It was clear that Bousseliou was unfit to continue, and so left the field on a stretcher. In his place, it was left to substitute midfielder, the tall Yoann Delaneuville to take the gloves and Karims' place between the sticks.

The injury had the effect of galvanising the players, and minutes later a lovely passing move found Dave M'Boungou-Matondo free on the left hand side of the Ivry box, and his perfectly struck shot flew across goalkeeper Boltz into the bottom corner of the goal. Delirium in the stands, celebrations on the pitch for a goal scored against all the odds. In fact, at the half time whistle Red Star deserved to be in front, playing with heart and spirit ably led by captain Djamel Hamdane. Good chances fell to Lakrout (20), Carles (23 and 30). Ivrys' best chance fell to a Belhadi free kick, which was easily caught by Delaneuville (37).

The half time left the Red Star supporters wondering if the miracle could be achieved and if their heros could hold out for another forty five minutes. The reply came fairly soon after the restart - a needlessly conceded corner was awarded to Ivry, and from the kick Belhadi floated in an inswinging corner, Delaneuville flapped and the ball went directly into the goal. A bit of a sickener, it has to be said, but Red Star were unswerved in their determination and continued to play the better football, pressing the Ivry defence. Delaneuville was rarely troubled, apart from one low drive which he turned away admirably for a corner.

Ivry startede to tire visibly towards the end and were probably relieved to hear the full time whistle. Reduced to ten following the dismissal for a second yellow card for Debert, an unnecessary booking too, for simulation on the edge of the Red Star penalty area. Perhaps Red Star should have profited from the numerical advantage a little more by bringing on Philippe Marques earlier for the fading Fissirou, who had ran his heart out in attack.

Overall, Red Star deserved a win, it has to be said. Unlike the dismal performance earlier in the season at Marville, in the farewell to La Courneuve match, Red Star showed much spirit and combativity. Captain Hamdane was superb, leading by example and constantly encouraging his charges, getting them into the right places, distributing the ball from midfield to get things going. In defence Kébé was imperial, dominating aerial challenges and tacking hard, positioning on the pitch generally excellent. In supporting roles were the ever-reliable Yessad and Hammami. A worry for Red Star could be that the former left the game early carrying a shoulder injury - one hopes that it isn't too serious and that he will be back in action next week. Finally a special mention for Yoann Delaneuville, stand-in goalkeeper who performed brilliantly in his unaccustomed role between the posts.

Ivry - Red Star
Aftermath of the clash of heads

Ivry - Red Star   Ivry - Red Star
Bousseliou is helped off and later leaves the ground in an ambulance

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